About us

Thank you for caring about carbon emissions. We care about them too, and that’s why we founded ReGreen. But one thing at a time.

It all began in 2015 when we - Christoph and Karim - were still at school. We had worked on a school project about reducing our carbon footprint and realised that mobility was a big factor in the average person’s carbon footprint. During our last year at school (2016) we started ReGreen - an initiative to calculate individual carbon footprints and to offset emissions. We are proud to have gained a number of companies as our partners since then and that we have meanwhile evolved into a team of eight students pursuing various different courses.

ReGreen’s objective is to enable you to take responsibility for your actions and to treat the environment fairly. Let’s do it together!

Christoph Rebernig Gründer
Karim Abdel Baky Gründer
Lisa Freisling Organisation
Katrin Hinterholzer Communications Social Media
Simon Wesp Programmer
Ferdinand Doblhammer Design
Tobias Batik Design
Santeri Lehtonen Life Cycle Assessment