ReGreen has been a reliable provider of complex carbon footprint calculations, emission reduction projects along the entire value chain, as well as carbon offsetting since 2015. ReGreen can certify that your company is carbon and climate neutral.

We are able to calculate the carbon output of your entire company, single processes, products or services according to the GHG Protocol, the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards. Based on this calculation, you can engage in our carbon offsetting projects, enabling us to certify that your company is carbon and climate neutral. We can also offer extensive information about how to avoid or reduce emissions. Read on to learn more about our services.

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We believe that carbon offsetting alone cannot be the solution to tackling climate change. As well as offsetting your emissions, you should also think about how to avoid and reduce the emissions that you produce within your company in the first place. This belief is reflected in our existing partnerships: two thirds of the companies that we work with are dedicated to carbon reduction, and only one third to offsetting through climate-friendly projects.

Case study: the drinks producer “all i need” asked ReGreen to calculate its carbon footprint and was provided with detailed information on all carbon emissions associated with the raw materials that it was using. Based on this information, the company decided to drop one of the ingredients to lower its carbon footprint, and only then started offsetting its unavoidable emissions.

More than 5 years of experience in carbon footprint calculation and offsetting
Carbon offsetting projects certified by the UN or Gold Standard
Environment Agency Austria long-term partner + data from the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Development of a blockchain solution together with the Vienna University of Economics and Business to ensure fully transparent climate projects
We offer three services which can be booked either as a package or individually.
Measure + calculate Carbon balance sheet / carbon footprint calculation Offset Carbon offsetting Certify + communicate Carbon/climate neutral certification
Measure + calculate
Certify + communicate
Carbon balance sheet / carbon footprint calculation
Carbon offsetting
Carbon/climate neutral certification
Carbon footprint calculation (carbon balance sheet)
We can calculate the carbon footprint of your company or of individual processes or products. In so doing we differentiate between a company carbon footprint and a product carbon footprint.
Company Carbon Footprint The company carbon footprint shows all GHG emissions linked to corporate processes. This includes all direct and indirect (scopes 1 to 3) emissions such as those produced by company cars, waste, heating/air-conditioning, logistics, mobility etc. Emissions directly connected to produced or traded products are not taken into account. Knowing your company carbon footprint lays the foundation for climate protection action within your company. You can quantify your GHG emissions and attribute them to individual processes. This allows you to see where your emissions originate and how to reduce them.
Product Carbon Footprint The product carbon footprint shows all GHG emissions directly related to a product. The entire carbon emissions at each stage of a product’s life are measured and evaluated. This includes all raw materials, transport and production processes, as well as the use and disposal of a product (life cycle assessment). After the evaluation you will know all about your products’ emissions and will be able to optimise processes to reduce them.
Carbon offsetting
ReGreen subsequently offers you projects that you can use to offset your emissions. We work in accordance with international standards and can find and prepare climate-friendly projects from all over the world for you. All of our climate projects have been certified by globally recognised and independent organisations such as the UNFCCC or the Gold Standard. The certifications guarantee that harmful GHG emissions are actually being avoided in practice as a result of these projects, as verified by independent bodies. We purchase and retire certified carbon credits. Please find below a number of climate projects in which we are already actively involved.
Carbon/climate neutral certification
After the evaluation of your GHG emissions and subsequent introduction of reduction and offsetting measures, we will certify your company’s carbon neutral status. You can opt for certification of your company as a whole or of individual parts.
Carbon neutral company mobility or shipping We will certify that your company mobility (company cars, flights, business trips etc.) is carbon neutral. We can also help you to make your shipping or distribution operations carbon neutral.
Carbon neutral product and company We can certify that your whole company and its products are carbon neutral. Once you have been certified, you may display the ReGreen seal on your products.
Carbon neutral administration Once your company carbon footprint is found to be CO2 neutral, ReGreen will award you its “We operate carbon neutrally” certification.
Tailored solutions We are happy to tailor a climate-friendly solution to your individual requirements. We can calculate your carbon footprint, help you reduce and offset your emissions, and certify your climate neutrality.
Upon certification you will receive:
Seal For your products/letterhead/e-mail signature etc.
Company profile A brief description on our website of your efforts to avoid, reduce and offset emissions
Certificate Display it with pride in your office to show off your commitment
Proof of offsetting Proof of purchase and retirement of credits
More information about how to show that you have been certified by ReGreen below (PDF currently only available in German):
Find out more about the projects we have implemented with our partners below. The services provided by us are detailed in their company profiles. Click on the corporate logos to read more.
We will be happy to advise you personally about emission calculation, offsetting and certification. Every business receives a tailor-made plan and an individual offer. Become part of the ReGreen mission, get in touch today: